"Hymater new materials" the 8th china innovation and entrepreneurship competition national finals create good results again

Hymater Battle-The 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition New Material Industry Finals

Zhejiang Hymater New Material Co., Ltd. was selected as the final of the Ningbo Division Special Prize in the national finals held in Dalian on November 9. After a fierce competition, it won the "Excellent Enterprise" award of the national competition with a high score of 88.01.

Background Introduction

From November 9 to 12, the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition New Material Industry Finals was held in Shahekou District, Dalian. Six companies in Ningbo stood out from nearly 2500 new material industry participating companies in the country, and together with 193 companies were shortlisted in the national finals to compete against the city.

_01 Preliminary Match Review·Ning Bo_

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Ningbo Division                 AUG 29

A preliminary review meeting, two pre-match trainings, and three industry finals were staged in turns, with more than 70 companies focusing on roadshows. They represent the outstanding domestic scientific research strength, showcasing Ningbo Zhizao and Chinese wisdom. Among them are not only the senior pioneers of continuous entrepreneurship in this city, but also the newcomers who have joined the double-creation stage of Yongcheng; the founding team also has many high-level talents such as experts from the National Thousand Talents Program and overseas well-known universities.

Zhejiang Hymater New Materials Co., Ltd. won the highest award in the competition-the special award with its leading global technology for special separation membrane hard technology.

_02 Finals Review·Da Lian_

Group Photo Of The Finalists

Zhejiang Hymater New Material Co., Ltd., Efibo (Ningbo) Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Zhongyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Huapu Microelectronics Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., Ningbo Zhongkeda New Material Co., Ltd. A total of 6 companies from Jizhi Innovation Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. competed in the start-up group and growth group of the New Materials Industry Finals in Ningbo.

Achievements, Exciting Competition, Stand Out

In the intense semi-final, outstanding enterprises from all over the country were in full bloom. Zhejiang Hymater New Materials Co., Ltd. was affirmed by a jury composed of investment and technology professionals in this competition, and finally won the "Excellent Enterprise”in the final of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition with a high score of 88.01.。

Honors And Good Results

Zhejiang Hymater New Material Co., Ltd. once again achieved good results in the Double Creation National Competition.

Hymater has always been committed to improving the self-developed patented technology and product level, and providing customers with advanced separation processing services. The excellent results of the Double Innovation Competition is a testament to Hymater's continuous efforts. 

_03 Team Introduction _

Hundreds of boats compete for the flow, and thousands of sails compete.

Zhejiang Hymater New Materials Co., Ltd. is a “3315” overseas high-level talent entrepreneurial project achievement transformation enterprise in Ningbo City, and a key introduction enterprise in Ningbo City.

The Hymater team is determined to develop the molecular sieve membrane technology into a general technology for azeotropic system dehydration to replace traditional rectification schemes. Brand influence.

_04 Hard Core Technology _

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