Zhejiang Hymater new materials co., Ltd. 2019 annual review

Year-end Overview


Time flies, unconsciously, 2019 will quietly end in the process of our continuous struggle. Looking back this year, there are tears, but more laughter; there are small differences, but more concerted effort; there is pay, but more is harvest. We have dreams, but never forget actions. We have goals, so we are always chasing.


01 Annual Sales Increased Significantly

In 2019, the company has always maintained a state of rapid development. Construction and commissioning of a 25,000 square meter molecular sieve membrane automatic production line (the industry's largest production capacity) and a fully automatic full detection system (filling the industry gap); completed the first case of molecular sieve membrane in deep dehydration (dichloromethane) and success At the same time, the company completed the first set of N-methylpyrrolidone dehydration and reuse system equipment used in the cathode material of the lithium battery industry.

In 2019, the company completed a sales contract of 10 million, including the pharmaceutical production, fine chemical and other fields of solvent production, purification and reuse market.

02 Successfully Passed Two System Certifications

In 2019, the company has successively passed the certification of ISO9000 and "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations" (GB / T29490-2013) system.

As a quality assurance system, ISO9000 is a manifestation of the company's clear objectives and clear management. It is a guarantee that the company can continue to provide products and services that meet the requirements and reduce the cost of quality. It is one of the effective means for the company to improve its competitiveness and consolidate the market.

"Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards" guides enterprises to plan, implement, inspect, and improve intellectual property management systems. The establishment of the system represents the company's various intellectual property activities and the company's good intellectual property management level, which provides a strong support for the company to enhance its core competitiveness.

03 Hymater's Spirit Penetrates Into People's Hearts

Excellent corporate spirit is the source of the company's achievements.

Compared with the above gratifying achievements, Hymater's most valuable achievement in 2019 is the spirit of Hymater that has been constantly shown to Hymater employees.

When everyone was immersed in the joy of the New Year's Day holiday on the last day of 2019, a group of colleagues still struggled on the front line.

On the last day of 2019, there is a group of colleagues who still need to shine for themselves and the company on holiday.

When most people return home with the sunset, letting off a day of tiredness and enjoying a few hours of free time, ready to fall asleep, there is a group of colleagues who just put their jobs down and are in the field, accompanied by the moonlight, surrounded by A small table at the roadside, summarizing and chatting, supplementing more than ten hours of physical expenditure with the help of a simple supper.

That little flash of light in the middle of the night, which is the faint candlelight, is clearly the sparkling spirit of Hymater!

 With responsibilities and pursuits engraved every ordinary and great ideal.

It is precisely because there is a Hymater employee who is pursuing and striving for work as his own life career, Hymater has developed rapidly. Hymater's remarkable achievements are inseparable from the hard work of each member of Hymater and the spirit of Hymater flashing on everyone.

2019 will be a perfect ending. In 2020, Hymater will never forget its original intentions and live up to the expectations. With its vision of "becoming a world-class specialty membrane manufacturer and service provider", it will forge ahead!

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