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Zhejiang Hymater Steadily Resumes Work

Fighting new pneumonia, Zhejiang Hymater is in action

1.Hymater Was Inspected By The Municipal Party Committee Leaders

In order to help enterprises in the Jiangbei High-tech Industrial Park to resume work and resume production smoothly, and to maximize the elimination of the safety risk of enterprise resumption of work, on the morning of February 20, Zhong Guanhua, head of the Organization Department of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, and other people came to Liandong U Valley.

Zhejiang Huiyong New Materials Co., Ltd. has actively formulated the anti-epidemic work plan and implemented various anti-epidemic measures two weeks ago. It was inspected by the leaders of the municipal party committee this time. Accompanied by some cadres of the Management Committee and some leaders of our company, Minister Zhong conducted in-depth inspection and guidance on the company's epidemic prevention and control and preparation for resumption of production. The members of the Huiyong epidemic prevention and control team gave a detailed introduction on the implementation of the company's implementation plan for the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production.

2.Epidemic Prevention Management System And Publicity

Our epidemic prevention team introduced in detail the company's series of epidemic prevention and control (emergency) management systems, such as people flow control, environmental killing, logistics support, epidemic prevention propaganda, and emergency disposal, as well as epidemic prevention materials, emergency vehicles, and isolation places for returning employees from other places. The preparations reported the number of employees who could be on duty in the first batch of non-regulated areas in this city and the number of employees who could be on duty after 7 days of isolation, indicating that the company had purchased sufficient masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and other epidemic prevention materials.

General Manager Li said that after the company resumes work, it will strictly implement closed management, "one person, one file" management, disinfection of disinfectant twice a day in work and public places, measure body temperature in and out of the company, and take scattered dining and other management measures to prevent it as much as possible. The personnel gathered to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic.

3.Preparation Of Anti-epidemic Materials


In order to ensure that our employees have a healthy and hygienic working environment, our company provides employees with sufficient epidemic prevention and protection products.

The anti-epidemic team pointed out that the resuming employees need to wear masks throughout the day and can get 2 masks from the lobby on the first floor every day; the office public area and workshop floor are disinfected after work every day; the toilets, pantry and other major places are equipped with disinfectant hand sanitizer; All workshops set up waste masks to collect garbage bins, and all employees throw them away at a fixed point, and the cleaners wear protective equipment (protective masks, disposable rubber gloves) to collect them uniformly.


4.Understanding The Difficulties Of Resuming Production

On the same day, Minister Zhong went to Huiyong's production and processing site to check and learned in depth about the company's difficult needs during the epidemic. The management committee and the company leaders unanimously expressed the hope that enterprises in the high-tech parks such as Huiyong will complete the epidemic prevention and management work without any mistakes, ensure that the epidemic prevention period is safely passed after resumption of work, and increase production after resumption of production The intensity of recovery will minimize the losses caused by the epidemic.

This epidemic prevention battle requires everyone's efforts and participation. Huiyong believes that the victory of the epidemic in this war must belong to us under the circumstances that the company has made all epidemic prevention measures and the enthusiasm guidance and care of government agencies.

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